Why hire Bright Investments?

  • Most often for investment related reasons
  • Stability and safety of a value manager
  • For how we manage risk
  • Clients appreciate partnership relationship
    • Institutions value our presentations before boards and employees
    • Private clients appreciate our detailed, performance based reporting

Who are Bright Investments types of clients?

  • Pension and profit sharing plans
  • Endowments, trusts, estates, or charitable organizations
  • Foundations or Universities
  • Private clients or family offices
  • Corporations or business entities other than those listed above


What is the minimum investment to open an account?

The minimum amount of assets that a client must place under management to open a separately managed account is $1,000,000, provided that the account minimum is subject to negotiation at Bright Investments’ sole discretion. All clients are required to execute an agreement for services in order to establish a client arrangement with Bright Investments.


What are the annual fees for separately managed accounts?

Assets Under Management                                          Management Fee

First $1 million                                                                         1.25%

Next $9 million                                                                        1.00%

Next $40 million                                                                      0.95%

Thereafter                                                                                  0.75%

The investment advisory fees will be deducted from your account and paid directly to our firm by the qualified custodian(s) of your account. You will authorize the qualified custodian(s) of your account to deduct fees from your account and pay such fees directly to our firm. Our firm will send you a billing statement prior to time that fee deduction instruction is sent to the qualified custodian(s) of your account. The billing statement will detail the formula used to calculate the fee, the assets under management and the time period covered.

Brokerage expenses and/or transaction ticket fees charged by the qualified custodian are billed directly to you by the qualified custodian. Bright Investments does not receive any portion of such commissions or fees from you or the qualified custodian.   In addition, you may incur certain charges imposed by third parties other than Bright Investments in connection with investments made through your account including, but not limited to, mutual fund sales loads, 12(b)-1 fees and surrender charges, surrender charges, IRA and qualified retirement plan fees, and charges imposed by the qualified custodian(s) of your account. Management fees charged by Bright Investments are separate and distinct from the fees and expenses charged by investment company securities that may be recommended to you. A description of these fees and expenses are available in each investment company security’s prospectus. We do not receive any portion of the fees or expenses charged by investment companies.

Bright Investments and our supervised persons do not accept or receive compensation based on the sale of securities or other investment products such as asset-based sales charges or service fees from the sale of mutual funds.


Who is the custodian for my account?

Pershing, LLC is our preferred custodian for your account. The account remains in the client’s name.


Are cash balances insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)?

Yes, cash balances are FDIC insured. Cash is swept into an eligible money market fund.


Who are Bright Investments’ independent accountants?

Machen McChesney, LLP serves as Bright Investments’ independent accountants.

How will I track the status of my account?

Clients’ may log in to their account via our ACCOUNT page at any time.

How do I access my funds?

Clients’ may contact Bright Investments for distributions at any time.

How do I open an account?

Contact us via phone (334-321-2321) or email ([email protected]).


What other services does Bright Investments provide?

Our entire focus is asset management.